Linux is one of the widely used operating system in the world. most of the geek is not aware of that, linux is used in our daily life. As you regularly use an android smartphone but you don’t aware of that android is also powered by linux. In this chapter we are going to learn about everyday use of linux.



Top 5 uses of Linux in todays technology.



1) Scientific research



Most of the scientific research organisation use linux operating system instead of windows because of it’s reliability.
As NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) uses hundreds of Linux based computers for their research.  The International space station turned their computer OS from Windows to Linux approx 6 years ago. Nowadays most of the scientific research centers of almost all countries use Linux based supercomputers.






2) Television runs on Linux




Nowadays almost all smart tv runs on Linux. set-up box of the t.v is also run on Linux Kernal, As you ever use the smart tv of companies like Samsung, Phillips, mi and many more, these types of t.v runs on Linux kernel. amazon firesticks or another type of firestick also have Linux kernel. We can now say that we use Linux every day but we not actually aware of that.






3) Smart-classroom runs on Linux



In school and college, most of the smart classes run on the Linux based operating system.  UBUNTU is the operating system of Linux which is user friendly, you will find ubuntu is similar to Windows OS. ubuntu is desktop-based operating system nad free available but if you use windows you may have to pay for it.  that’s why most schools, colleges use Linux based ubuntu as their operating system.







4) Cars runs on Linux



Nowadays some companies started to build automated cars or autopilot cars. To build the automated car they work on the Linux kernel. Companies like Tesla, Toyota, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz,  Volkswagen,  Lamborghini and much more work on full automated cars with the help of the Linux kernel. In the future, we are all going to take a fully automated car ride. you can take it now but it is expensive at all nowadays.




5) Governments run on Linux



Most of the Government’s computer runs on the Linux operating system.  In the united nation, almost all computers work on Linux for better security and reliability. The Federal Aviation Administration also use Linux which handles over sixteen millions of flight in a year. Pentagon of the USA also uses Linux computers. Now we can say that maximum numbers of Government work depends upon the Linux based computers for better performance.

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