The differences between Linux and windows are the main concern of this chapter. Linux, which fully varies from windows in many ways and windows is also varied to each other in various ways. Most of the user think that windows are GUI (graphical user Interface ) and Linux are CUI(command/character user interface ), but that they think about Linux is only present  CUI is not correct. Linux is also present for home and office use as well. Today in this chapter we are going to learn about the main differences between Linux and Windows.


Differences according to:-


User’s view-


Linux:- if we talking about Linux to be user friendly then it may be not correct to say that Linux is user friendly. Linux is not user friendly at all, because most of the Linux OS is worked fine in CUI mode but no user wants a character or command-based operating system that’s why Linux is said to be non-user friendly. If you want to work in Linux then you may have to spend many days to understand its function.


Windows:- yes, if you talking windows to be user friendly then it is correct to say. Windows is user friendly because it’s all work is procced in GUI (graphical-based). Windows is the most popular OS in the world because of its user friendly based interface. If you use windows for the first time then you will not face the problem like Linux because it is easy to use.


Software collection –


Linux:- In Linux mostly software belongs to the enterprise level. In other words, if you are looking for advanced games and graphics editing software in Linux then you will not find there, because Linux mainly provides enterprise-level software related to the server, security, and many more.


Windows:- In windows you will find all types of software that you are looking for. Windows has a much larger selection of software. e.g office, games, graphics software, and many more. this is also the reason for the populace of windows.




Linux:- In Linux a user can perform multiples of tasks without any problem faced. Linux is mainly made to perform multiple and ultimate tasks. you can work on multiple windows at a time without having much RAM or processing unit.


Windows:- In windows also, you can do multiple tasks at a time. But In windows to perform multiple tasks your system needs to be high CPU power and RAM too. Thus if you perform multiple tasks on windows your system should be of higher specs.




Linux:- If you thinking about the reliability of Linux then notice that a Linux based OS can run years-of-years without rebooting/restarting. It means a Linux Os is very reliable. Due to its reliability, it is used in a server-based environment.


Windows:- Windows needs a restart in days to days to work fine. This indicates that windows are not much reliable than Linux.  If you ever use Windows then you have experienced it. windows are used for the official work and home-work mostly that don’t need much reliable to have.




Linux:- Linux is a very safe OS. Linux is one of the most secure OS present over here.  Linux is well protected against malware.  As of 2018, there is no virus widespread in Linux. If you comparing Linux to windows then Linux is more secure than windows.


Windows:- Nowadays windows working on improving its security by its windows defender but although these windows are not much secure today. Windows has the most virus widespread database history. Thus it is not secure comparing to Linux.


Source’s model:-


Linux:- Linux is an Open Source operating system which means a developer can manage its source code and contribute their code to Linux OS. Due to open-source today, Linux has thousands of OS.


Windows:-  It is not present in open source. it is a closed source-based operating system. It means its code is not publically available.




Linux:- One of the best things about Linux that it is freely available. It means we don’t need to invest hundreds of dollars to buy an operating system.


Windows:- If you want to use windows then you have to buy it by paying hundreds of dollars. But in almost all country some geeks use piracy windows, but we should not promote piracy.

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