What is Network?

 Network means interconnection ,In information technology a network is a series of   points or nodes interconeected by communication path.

  Computer network:-

* Collection of hardware components and computers.

*  Interconnected by communication channels.

* Allow sharing of resources and information.

* Two computers connecting together is an example of Network.

Why Network is important?

Networking are useful for us in many ways like:-

*File sharing:- Using this capability of networking we can share our data to different devices.

*Hardware sharing:- We can share our device such as printers, cd-rom  , scanners, fax and etc , without networking no any can share devices.

*User communication:– Due to networking a user can communicate to others, in other words we can say that we can chat, video-conferencing, messaging other person using networking.

*Online gaming:- Due to this capability of networking, Gaming field it overcomes as a revolution of gaming because networking allows the user to play the game online.


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