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The differences between Unix and Linux are actually similar because Unix is the mother of Linux operating system that’s why most of the things of Linux is similar to Unix, commands of Linux are mostly the same . you will find many similarities between both of the operating system while using. In this chapter, we are going to discuss about the differences between both of the operating systems.


Differences according to-




UNIX- Unix was developed by the team members of Kenneth lane at bell labs on 3 November 1971.it was originally derived from AT&T Unix. Unix was at that time very beneficial for the opensource developer.


LINUX Linux was developed by Linus Torvalds on 17 September 1991. Linus Torvalds is a Finnish software engineer. He inspired by MINIX os and developed Linux os. Linux is an open-source operating system.


Written in language:-


UNIX- Unix is only written in C and Assembly language. At that time the operating system was mainly written in C language.


LINUX:- Linux was written in C and another programming language like assembly language. Many of the application nowadays is written in Python. In Kali Linux, most of the pen-testing tool and script is written in python language.



Sources model type:-


UNIX:- If you want to manage the code of Unix operating system then you don’t. Unix is mostly closed-source operating system . However few Unix family are open sources, like – illumos OS and BSD(Berkley Software Distribution) OS.


LINUX:-  Linux is open Source operating system which means a developer can manage it’s source code and contribute their code to Linux OS. Due to open-source today linux has thousands of OS . 


Kernel Type:-


UNIX:- In Unix kernel is varies, it’s mean that it can be microkernel, monolithic kernel or hybrid kernel that’s why you can’t define Unix as a particular kernel.


LINUX:- In Linux mostly monolithic kernel is present. microkernel and hybrid kernel is mainly not available in Linux.


Interface Language:- 


UNIX:- Unix is only present in the English interface. you will not find Unix in another language. Due to its single language interface, some users can’t be user friendly to Unix OS.


LINUX:- Linux present in the multilingual interface. It means if a user from non-english country then he/she can switch the language into others. Multilingual language may be English, Russian, Spanish, Indian-English, etc.


Text-mode interface:- 


UNIX:- In Unix, text mode interface is originally  Bourne Shell. If you want other text-mode interfaces then you can, because it is compatible with many commands interpreters.


LINUX:- In Linux by default BASH(Bourne Again Shell ) text-mode interface is present. If you want another interface then you can, because it is also compatible with many commands interpreters.




UNIX:- Unix is a very safe OS. Unix is the most secure operating system nowadays because it is harder to infect a virus. Unix is not open source which makes it more secure compared to Linux. 


LINUX:- Linux is also a very safe OS. Linux is an open-source OS that’s why It seems to be less secure comparing Unix.  But Linux is well protected against malware.  As of 2018, there is no virus widespread in Linux.


Price based:- 


UNIX:- If you think Unix is old it would be free but you wrong. Unix is not free, If you want to use Unix then you have to pay for it. However, some of its version is available free but mostly is paid. Unix costs is $1,407 for one user.


LINUX:- Linux is available free. If you want to use Linux then you don’t need to worry because it is free. If you want to use for corporate-level then you may have to pay for it. But it is mostly free.




UNIX:- Solaris, Darwin, macOS X, IBM, etc . these are the some examples of Unix based OS.


LINUX:- Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, Android, Red hat, etc . these operating system of Linux you can download from their official website .

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