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What is Virtual machine?


Virtual machine is an environment which is virtual, this virtual environment form a separate resources from computer system with its own CPU , Memory , network interface and storage, and etc from  the host(main) computer system.


In simple word Virtual machine allow us to use multiple operating system other than host OS simultaneously  at same time in host OS without using dual boot mode .


Like:- If you are using Windows  as your host(main) operating system but if you want to use Linux or MacOs also at same time then Virtual machine Provide you that interface to use multiple operating system.



Which software help virtual machine to separate resources with the System hardware?


As we know virtual machine have separate resources like CPU, memory, network interface and storage, then a question rise who separate resources from host?


Hypervisor- Hypervisor is a software which help virtual machine to use separated resources of system resources.


Types of Hypervisor:-



   Type 1:-  In this Hypervisors, resources of VMs is directly scheduled  to the physical hardware. In others words it interfaces directly to the hardware without any  pre-hosted OS. It form the main operating system for the computer.


   Type 2:- In this Hypervisors all the resources of VM is scheduled against a host OS(operating system). there are most two commonly software which works on this principal is Virtual box and VMware workstation.

What is Virtual Machine?

Downloading and installing VirtualBox

  • Downloading and Installing VMware

  • Installing Kali Linux

  • Installing Parrot OS

  • Management of Virtual Machine

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