What is Kali Linux?


Kali Linux is the world’s powerful operating system in the field of cyber-security. Kali Linux is used by security professionals, pentester. It is used for many purposes like- penetration testing, forensics, vulnerability assessment, and reverse engineering. Unix is the mother of all Linux distribution in which kali Linux is also included.

Operating System: An operating system is system software that enables interfaces
between computer hardware and software and then to the user.ex:-Windows,Android,MacOS,linux and etc

Due to Unix is the mother of all Linux distribution, let’s discuss something about Unix:-





In 1969,  a team of developers bell labs. working on a project whose aim was to make a common software for all the computers and named it ‘Unix’. That software(Unix)  was coded in ‘c’ language instead of assembly language, it’s code could be recycled due to its recyclable ability, its code’s part now commonly known as ‘kernel’. Kernal was or is the main factor by which the operating system can be developed.


Unix was at that time only found in a large organizations like- university, government organization and in financial corporation with microcomputer or mainframes.


Expansion of Unix 



In eighties century, many organizations started creating their own  Unix like IBM, Hp, and other companies.

Then in 1983, Richard stallman working on developing of GNU project with the aim of making freely available Unix operating systems in each home for home or office purposes, that can be used by everyone. But his project was failed in gaining popularity. after that many operating systems came in market but no one gains popularity.


Evolution of linux


In 1991, a student at university of helsinki, finland (linus torvalds) thoughts to have a freely available  academy version of unix and started writing his own’s code and finally this project became linux kernal.


Benefits of using linux

  • It is free operating system available for everyone . In other words you don’t need to pay hundred of dollars to buy operating system such as for windows, MacOS,etc.
  • It is open sourses due to which anyone who knows programming can modify it.
  • The Linux operating system nowadays offers millions of applications/programs. Most of them are free!
  • If you are using a Linux operating system then you don’t need antivirus at all! Linux is a highly secure operating system.
  • Linux is favorable for the server-based environment due to its reliability and stability (companies like- Amazon, Facebook, Google, etc).
  • A Linux based server could run non-stop without a reboot for years of years.



Why should we learn Linux instead of unix ?


As we know that Unix is the mother of an operating system that laid out the foundation to Linux. Unix is mainly designed for the mainframes, enterprises, universities as well as server. While Linux is becoming fast for the household computers devices mainly for computer users, developers, and server environment. If you buy Unix then may be you have to pay for that but Linux is free for everyone.

Note:- the commands of unix and linux both operating system are usually the same. So learning one is same as learning another.
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