What is python?

Python is an interpreted, high-level, general-purpose and dynamically typed language.
This language was developed in 1991 by Guido Van Rossum.
Python’s language is easy to learn by beginners because it’s language construct and object-oriented which helps programmers write clear, logical code for small-scale and also for large-scale projects.


Technical terms:-

Interpreted: This means that your python script is saved and executed in the same format in which you created the script, during compiling, the code is first translated to a set of machine-specific instruction and then saved as an executable file.

High-level:- A programming language that uses the natural language elements, which help the programmer to write the program in an easy way and they are easier to write, read and maintain.

General-purpose:-which means that it can be used for writing software in the numerous variety of application domains without being restricted to a particular domain.

Dynamically-typed:- it means that the python parser automatically infers or identifies the type of the variable on the basis of what kind of data you have
assigned to the variable.



Why to choose python?


1)Easy to understand and learn:- This means that the syntax of the python can be easily learned even by the beginners who don’t know any type of coding before.

2)Free and open-source language:- which means it is available for free to use and you can download its source code for free from official website of python to modify ,distribute and etc.

3)Fewer code lines, less time:- which means you can write the big code in less time because code is written in the smallest form in python.

4)Huge community:- python has a huge community, which means that whenever you get stuck in programming, there will be many fellow developers you can reach out for help.


Featurs of python:-


1)Object-oriented:-python follows object-oriented programming praline, which means a program in python can be grouped and bundle into individual object making the codes neat and make easy to understand.

2)Cross-platform:-which means that python program can be written in the windows system, Linux system as well as in another operating system, there is no need for modifying after changing the OS platform.

3)Rich libraries:-It is a collection of function and various methods which allows the programmer to perform many actions without writing too much of coding. libraries of python is also a cross-platform capable.

4)Integrable:- it is easy to integrate its program with other languages such as c,c++, java, and many more.

5)Elegant syntax:- syntax of python program is easy to understand and write.

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